Edible Garden Video Tour!

This past week, I spent time visiting my best friend from high school in her new home located in Long Beach, California. I returned late last night, long after dark, and exhausted from traveling I tucked myself right into bed. This morning, I excitedly awoke and sprung up like a child on Christmas morning to check on the growth that happened while I was away. Sam, my boyfriend and stand-in gardener, did an awesome job of keeping the plants watered and happy while I was out of town.

I was pleasantly surprised to step outside and find handfuls of ripe sungold tomatoes, large purple tomatillos, and bunches of crispy snap peas. The wildflower seeds I sowed a couple of months back are now producing beautiful blooms. The herb garden is bursting with fragrance and buzzing with bees! My friend Anna, an incredibly talented photographer + super-nanny stopped by this morning and together, with baby James in tow, we all harvested and tasted the first ripe tomatoes of the season. What a treat!

After they left, I recorded a video giving a full tour of both my annual veggie bed and my herb garden. Please check it out below! Thanks for watching!


5 Replies to “Edible Garden Video Tour!”

    1. Hey Scott! Thanks for checking out my blog! Yes – the clay vessels are great! I plan on writing a blog about them next! They are often referred to as an “olla”. I got mine on Amazon, from a brand called Garden Summit (you can find them here)

      I’ve also seen great DIY projects such as this one instructables.com/id/Make-Yourself-an-Olla-Oy-Uh/. In retrospect, I would probably have made my own using unglazed clay pots, as these would hold more water and are probably cheaper! It’s a great irrigation method, as it delivers water right to the roots and only needs to be refilled 1-2 times per week, depending on the size of the vessel.


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